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Suggested packing list


The following packing list should be sufficient for your Safari as laundry is done on a daily basis in all our camps. 


We suggest packing one change of clothes, including underwear  and socks and an emergency wash kit in your carry on as a provision for your bag being delayed.


In terms of colours, greens, browns and darker khaki colours are recommended. We advise against very dark and very light colours. 

You will be tracking animals in the African bush,therefore special attention to the quietest clothing and footwear possible is recommended . 



3 pairs of long or short pants.

3/4 shirts. 

2 pairs of light soft soled hunting shoes (broken in). 

1 pair of casual shoes. 

4-5 pairs of underwear. 

4-5 pairs of quality socks. 

1 light jacket. 

1 heavy jacket (May - August)

Fleece, sweater and sweat pants for cat hunting. 

Hunting cap and/or hat. 

Hunting belt and ammunition pouch. 


Small flashlight with extra batteries. 

Camera, charger and extra card. 


Personal toiletries bag. 


PLEASE NOTE: Military camouflage is not permitted in Zimbabwe. 


Rifle and Ammunition:

Please contact Rob personally to discuss which calibers and what ammunition he recommends for your specific safari. 



We suggest bringing a supply of aspirin/ ibuprofen, anti-diarrhea, laxative, malaria prophylactic and a course of basic general antibiotics like z-pac or doxycycline or amoxicillin. 


Weather and Seasons:

January through April - has the possibility of rain with warm weather. Daytime temperatures between 75F and 95F. Nighttime temperatures between 65F and 75F. 


May through mid August - our cooler and drier months. Daytime temperatures between 65F and 80F. 

Nighttime temperatures between 40F and 50F. 


Mid August through mid December - gradually getting warmer with rain possible November onwards. 

Daytime temperatures between 75F and 100F. 

Nighttime temperatures between 65F and 80F. 


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